The Breathe Project: Wardrobe De-cluttering

Today I had a bit of extra time in-between running errands and my daughter’s pickup, so I set out to tame my wardrobe. This was on my top list in my Breathe Project.

Over the past few months, I started to wear a uniform type of work outfit and then imposed the same onto my everyday non-work clothing. So what you see in my mess is already culled clothing and these are for when I’m not in Japan.

img_8208 img_8207

And the end result is….


While this isn’t a minimalist wardrobe, here is everything that I wear from work to off-work and weekends. I’m mostly in black dresses when I’m at work so this makes it easy. I think I get away with this because I am not really image-conscious. Maybe it was my training in work that has made me wear less flamboyant clothing and focus more on my behaviour.

Next step: Seasonal clothing/ My daughter’s wardrobe.



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