When Mummy comes Home

This is so true with my daughter.
Everytime I come home late or just come back in general from work, and she’s been with her babysitter, she erupts into a tantrum/ meltdown that shocks us both.

Turns out that this study done at the University of Washington Department of Psychology reveals that…

children are 800% worse when their mothers are in the room. If the children are under ten, the percentage doubles to 1,600%.

And the reason for this being…?

They save their best for us. aww, Thanks 😉

(Read: Why Kids Behave Badly with their Parents)

I need to create more time to be with you. R. I notice this significantly when I put away work for the night and my mobile phone just focus on just being with you. Sitting with you, playing with you, and reading, talking to you.

Masochist Musings

You know you picked the right field when studying is fun and you buy the optional reading material, not necessarily because you want clarification on terms, but because you’re curious and want to know everything possible about the subject.

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One thought on “When Mummy comes Home

  1. Lol, I think this happens more to my husband than to me. When daddy comes back, she erupts into excitement. And when it’s me, occasionally so. Anyways, I think they are just excited to see their parents back at home. I would say that “separation makes the heart grow fonder” 🙂


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