Jolly Phonics- Learning to Blend



I wrote about learning Jolly Phonics with R at age 15 months. And how we were stuck for a really long time at the pre-blending stage. It frustrated me a bit because when I used to work as a literacy instructor, the children (admittedly they were already 5) got from letter sounds to blending really quickly. I had to give myself a quick reality check with regards to R’s cognitive-development appropriate to her age.

R is now 2 years 4 months (27 months) and I noticed that she has only begun to pick up on blending. I think we have at least another 3 more months or longer before it will make sense to her.

I had bought these Jolly Phonics Picture Flashcards some months back in the hope of teaching her blending. But she was rather unresponsive so I left them alone for a while. Tonight, I took them out and just played around with showing her bits of each flashcard at a time, and trying to excite her into guessing what it was. I had learnt this technique of never just plainly introducing flashcards to younger children but rather cover and reveal it a bit at a time, building suspense and trying to engage them into looking.

As her vocabulary had built up over the past few months, she was able to say what each one was. Sometimes I would give her a hint by sounding out the word for her like r-i-ng and making sure that I would drag out the sound rrrriiiiiiinng instead of leaving a pause between each letter sound (“r” pause “i” pause “ng”). I noticed that she would get some words right and was able to repeat simple CVC words. So here we have at 27 months I think she is just beginning to understanding exaggerated blending.


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